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ArduPilot reverse engineering #1

its been a long time, from drone development and also from electronics and blogging, let it go, tonight it is ardupilot time, I have seen some algorithms working like get position and velocity from accelerometer data but haven't found anything yet. so was surfing through the code and found that AP_InertialNavEKF.h library is just fallback library for the ardupilot to switch between ekf and normal mode.  a comment from first line /* A wrapper around the AP_InertialNav class which uses the NavEKF filter if available, and falls back to the AP_InertialNav filter when EKF is not available */ /** now working on how can I implement on my own drone since my plans are different from ardupilot. so here i am now sleepless nights and go on until I finally make my quadcopter (the only incomplement project left).
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How to start Machine learning Easily

So I have started learning machine learning at least 1 year ago. Many People ask me "how do i start Machine learning ?". So here's the tip start. Question: Which OS to use? Answer: Use Linux, if you are on Windows you will be stuck at some point. If you don't want standalone Linux Operating System then Dual Boot with windows. Ubuntu and Arch Linux are my favorite distros. Linux Mint can be added to the list. But Many Machine learning APIs target Ubuntu. and Arch has all the libraries in the repository. If you do not trust me just go to this link , and check your self. Short answer: Arch (if you are advanced user) Ubuntu (beginner or just get things done ) Question: Which programming language to start with? Short answer: Use python don't get a headache with java or c in machine learning, i am not against both of them. but the installation of libraries become easy in Linux for python. and also python is a sea of Machine learning libraries. so just get st


i am making a video on vlog_2 but it i dont have enough time to complete it som may be i am working too much or i am studying too much but the thing is i love making videos on youtube. i dont want money using youtube video but the response from people like "hey thank you for your video" this thing keeps me going on and recently i started using patreon so may be you want to donate me something so that i can buy a graphic card for neural network testing. and the thing is i love linux but new headache kdenlive is crasing too much and i stucked at editing. recently i started using ubuntu 17.04.1 and i am still on arch vlog_2 will explain see ya soon. 

First things to do after installing Ubuntu 17.04.1

First things to do after installing Ubuntu 17.04.1 (1) First update the system Using terminal just copy and paste commands from below and your system will update sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade (2) Using gui search update from dash in gnome or unity and launch software updater (3) install proper text editor like sublime or atom traditional method sublime : Tutorial on Official website atom : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/atom sudo apt-get update sudo apt install atom new method (not recomended) from software center which is inbuilt search atom and install atom (4) video player (recommended) sudo apt install vlc (5) Browser You can use inbuilt firefox browser it is cool but i like chromium so. sudo apt install chromium-browser (6) htop - console based task manager sudo apt install htop (7) nethogs - which applications using how much internet speed sudo apt install nethogs (8) Extensions for gnome (optinal) if you wa

Back to blogspot

so recently i tried to go for wordpress but its too expensive for beginer bloggers like me so blogspot is best for me ;P next thing recently i tried to update android studio 3.0 and p music player stuck at some codes. so repairing is on going sorry for delay and new version for p music player is comming soon, stay tuned

Artificial Intelligence #4 type of sentence

okey so getting closer to another program today. basically there are four types of sentances Declarative sentence Imperative sentence Interrogative sentence Exclamatory sentence so the thing is you can learn by just typing each on google what types prefer. the thing is how this is help ful to us or ai programming so . we understand each sentence and act like that so ai has a neural network which will act exactly like human. so here are help full for ONLY BASIC AI (dont blame or firing on comment box ok) Declarative sentence : this sentence can be help full for helping ai to remember about something like. "my name is rock". so the next time you ask that "what is my name " it will reply "rock" thats how it will work. next thing i am keeping things simple so you have to learn in details do some google on types of sentences. Imperative sentence : using this we can do like command our ai like "Turn on lights" and thats it. i